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Slow NBN evenings and some mornings

It was great to give IPrimus the flick at 8mBs and go Optus which occured within 2 minutes and speed jumped to 48 mbps up and 17 down.

If it sounds too good to be true probably is.

We are fibre to the Node and have 500 metres of old copped buried in ground which we have used for landline since moving here in 1984 so its fair to say it OLD CU.

With new speed joined a couple of streaming video libraries.

Set upmodem on UPS and home phone.

Then the school holidays started last week and I saw my first buffering when watching SPAN.

Checked the NBN speed dropped to as low as 12 mbps although upload was still around 15 mbps showing that there were lots of downloads and streaming but little going back up, so I am told, the download overload was throttling back the line speed.

Went through the hoops with the help desk elves you know the drill are you on wifi are you on ethernet, how many users.

So bottom line on this PC one ethernet no users we are currently 1/4 of the first speed.

Do I go on chat and ask again?

Jump through hoops, whats your name, dob, are you on wifi are you on ethernet what is speed now what was speed then. yeah whatever!!!

Someone called before on mobile and said the home phone was out as well.

So I have just lodged a complaint with TIO FWIW stating I paid for 50 got ADSL2 speed on most mornings and evenings.


Anyone come up with any solutions apart from watching streaming video in middle of the night or day?

Anyone solved their throttle evening problems yet?

The papers and media full of nbn conversaations and the spin doctors full of it defending it also.

I heard a spin saying maximum copper distances are 300 metres, yeah right 21 boxes a town of 100 sq km

old 25-50 yo copper cables pits full of water some never been open in a decade LOL 

 I cant see how NBN will ever succeed if ISP play this game with us.

2 year contract watch this space half the town yet to move over under threat of disconnection in 2019..

They have a saying in military SNAFU is nbn doomed for failure is it best to go wirelss b/b? If so how? 


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Re: Slow NBN evenings and some mornings

If you are experiencing slowdowns at specific times of the day then that is likely Optus not provisioning enough bandwidth for your area. Something that used to be widespread but has cleared up more these days after ACCC intervention. In this instance a different RSP supplier could likely offer better performance.


You shouldn't need to go to the TIO to finish the contract. Optus (like all ISPs) publish "Typical Peak Hour Speeds" - in your case you should expect around 40Mbps most of the timeon a 50Mbps plan. If you're not getting this then Optus are obligated to release you from the contract without penalty.


Peter Gillespie

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Occasional Contributor

Re: Slow NBN evenings and some mornings

Thanks Peter,

Its partly now due to using the WIFI and not ethernet and we may have to live with that because it is impractical to wire the house with CAT 5 cable to all the devices like the CAST WIFI and the APPLE and the IPADS.

I am amazed also that the modem we have is circa 2015 with no recent firmware update.

I checked the 2.4 GHz wifi and found it is getting acceptable interference within the 11 channels it auto diversifies to.

Ethernet is 48 Mbps but its only on 1 computer and I dont intend hanging four wires between the modem and its wall socket, I could I guess run the extra landline pair across the room but reality is as you said Optus failed to realise that the uptake forced on us by end of dial up days Jan 2019 will produce congestion.


ACCC TIO may fine but the reality is a 50 year old copper pair to my house is a 50 year old copper pair.

I even saw the little elves soldering the wire wrapped joints at the pillar recently to try to get the noise and cross talk down.

They do say when everyone is off ADSL2 it will improve yeah right except double the density with tv streaming will throttle it back 24/7

Price is what you pay for value you get NOT.

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