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New Contributor TMAC57
New Contributor

Slow Internet

I have been told by Optus support for the last 6 months that Optus Network techs are looking at the network congestion in Penrith NSW. From the way that my download speed drops from 90+ during the day to under 3M from 5pm onwards it appears that they are correct and the techs are just looking at it. At this stage Optus will be towards the bottom of my options when I need to transfer to NBN as they have shown no consideration for their user experience.

Is there actually anybody working on upgrading the backhaul bandwidth or has it stopped as the cable network has been handed over to NBN Co?

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Occasional Contributor Maverick_16
Occasional Contributor

Re: Slow Internet

As the network (cabling and nodes) were handed over to nbn, neither optus nor any other isp can do any upgrades or work, nor add or take out anything.


The nbn techos, trying to prove that nbn is healthy, have given full priority to their new connections, while the old customers on the other/older platform suffer. Optus cable is theritically fast, but the network infrastructure management and control is now with nbn.


Funnily enough, it is the same optus techos who are the nbn techos... and the above scenario works well for them as they can easily convince you to switch to the "faster" account.

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