Slow Internet




I have a home ADSL2+ connection which connects at ~14mb/800k.

When I do an optus download test it registers 11 mbs.

However the service is the worst internet I have ever used.  Its especialy bad at night when youtube struggles with a 244p stream.  Having to pause every 4-5 seconds.  In addition online gaming is a joke.


Is there anything I can do other than cancel my service?


And if they cant how do I cancel an existing contract based of poor service?



Re: Slow Internet


Hate to say it.. sounds like congestion to me assuming of course the connection improves during non peak times?? Have you preformed any Form  line isolation test?


As for the speed connected and real world speed you should think of them as two different beasts as no matter how fast your connection to the exchange, anything past that determines real speed.


As for cancelling that far beyond my non pay grade.. maybe after you've tried all avenues one would contact the TIO?

Cheers Dave

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