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Slow Internet, Retaining Email Address

Hi Optus,


Looking for some help... I have been with Optus Cable for well over 10yrs however recently the area has just become far to congested and I want to change to to Telstra. I am paying for the 100Mbps speed pack and for the past 1.5mths I have been receiving around 3-5Mbps in peak times, this is worse than ADSL Speeds. 


I have spoken to Optus twice who inform me it is due to congestion in Bentleigh 3204 and they are working on a fix, however this has been over 1.5 months. They have said if I call a number they provided I may be entitled to compensation, but what I need is high speed internet, not compensation.


I would cancel Optus and go to Telstra today in a heart beat as I don't believe optus are doing anything about the speeds with NBN around the corner in the next 6months. However my father has used his Optusnet email address for the past 10yrs so I don't wish to lose access to that without sufficent time to change his email address everywhere. Is it possible to attach an email address to another Optus account like a mobile or mobile broadband?


Any help is much appreciated.




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Re: Slow Internet, Retaining Email Address

Good Luck Andrew

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Re: Slow Internet, Retaining Email Address

Hi Andrew,


Sounds pretty dire. The 'congestion' cop out is a pretty standard response (along with providing no time frame for when it will be fixed). With the Optus cable network due to be dismantled soon, I too agree updates to capacity are not a priority. On the plus side Optus should be ammenable to you exiting your contract when you ask.


To answer you question, you need a full home internet plan to get/keep an email address. So mobile broadband yes but mobil phone no. Unfortunately that's a pretty expensive option. On the plus side its actually not that hard to migrate an address pretty quickly these days (< 1 month)


1) Set up a free gmail account

2) Import all emails from the optus account (in gmail settngs)

3) Set gmail to ontinue to recieve any new emails to the optus address

4) Optionally set a rule to tag these emails (As say Optus)

5) Set Up (import) GMail Contacts from Optus

6) Email all contacts with new gmail address

7) Check all big business and get them to update contact / recovery email addresses (Insurance, Bank, Utilites, etc.)

😎 Go back over past 6-12 months of emails to identify senders / subscriptions etc. and update / notify of new address.

9) Monitor Gmail Inbox for Optus emails and update them as they come in.

10) Shut off Optus email



Its a bit of phaffing but I always suggest weaning yourself off any ISP email to avaoid having to ever go through it again.


Good Luck


Peter Gillespie

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