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Slow Cable service Picnic Point <5Mbit >500ms latency

Hi guys 


I am posting on behalf of my family as I am the most tech-inclined.


We have Optus Cable in Picnic point, I believe we are connected to "Riverwood node 7".


During peak hours our cable service slow to <5Mbits down and ~0.2Mbits up. This happens every weekday and it can even be worse than this on Friday and Sunday. Latency also spikes to >500ms to Australian game servers, this makes it impossible to play anything online from 5pm-11pm, whether or not anyone else in the family is using the service. This is our only available down time so it is very disappointing. I understand there will be congestion at these times but such low speeds are almost insulting for $80 per month.


This is very frustrating, It seems like Optus are overselling their product 😕 . We were getting 8Mbps with sub 50ms latency on ADSL2+ plan at another address for $20 less per month. Optus Cable just doesn't seem worth it to me.


Does anybody know if there are any planned capacity upgrades for my area? I think we may have to switch to ADSL2+ . Sure our speed will be lower, but at least it may have stable speeds and latency.




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Re: Slow Cable service Picnic Point <5Mbit >500ms latency

Hello Chris,


I am also on cable broadband with a premium speed add on.  I live in Gymea Bay and tonight my download speed was 1.69Mbps - just imagine how bad it would be without "premium Speed".  Anyway, I have been complaining to Optus and the best they can tell me is that "it is a known issue".  Optus support could not give me any time frame about when it might be fixed or even if work was planned in my area.


Yes, Optus has oversold it's product and cannot deliver.  Just read the posts on here and so many of them are about poor speeds and poor customer service.


Good luck.



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