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Slow Broadband Cable at Night

Hi All, 


I have just signed up to BroadBand Cable Friday last week, So I have been connected for 4 days and I live in Gladesville, NSW.


Duing the day(weekend) it is all good speeds around 15 mbps to 22 mbps.

But so far on the 3 nights I have had braodband I am getting between .5mbps to 1.8 mbps.


I have called up the technical help desk twice..

1. Friday night - The technician said there is a fix to go in on the 20th Oct, he couldn't tell me more but he said 20th Oct is the fix.

2. Sunday Night - Different technician said he has no idea about any work to be completed on the 20th Oct, but my issue is due to an interference in the line, which they are working on, but he said he has no idea when they started or when they will finish which could take 1 day, 6 months, 12 months.. etc..


My question is, is the speed I am getting at nights just what I am going to get and there is no fix or anyting Optus are doing?


Thank you


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Re: Slow Broadband Cable at Night

Unfortunately its unlikely there is any fix. If there was a 'fault' then you would be experiencing 3Mbps all day round. Instead the cable capacity is just being maxed out by too many users trying to download too much during peak hour. 


I'd still keep my fingers crossed that next week Optus will install additional capacity to the HFC network, however as Optus no longer own the networks and the network will be torn down in two years time anyway, it seems unlikely they'll spend much money increasing capablity unless the cable fails completely.


It also seems you don't have access to Telstra cable and don't get the NBN for another 18 months (Good news is it will be FTTC). So if it doesn't improve you don't have many other options that will be faster. Perhaps some of the mobile broadband offerings?




Peter Gillespie

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Re: Slow Broadband Cable at Night

Hi, I've heard "they're working on the line", or "theres an upgrade coming to your area soon", or something along those lines too many times...its just a standard response to complaints about slow speeds/congestion.


Congestion = Optus over selling their network.  i.e. there's more users than their network is capable of supporting.




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