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New Contributor Guytus0
New Contributor

Slow ADSL that drop out in St. Lucia Brisbane


I am new to Australia and new customer with OPTUS, I got two mobile plans since June 2017 and ADSL plan since July 2017. To date the mobile plans worked great, THANKS. BUT the ADSL and associated tech support experience has been horrible!!!!

Since the first day I got the brand new modem connected, the internet service hasn't really worked. Well, when it was “working”, the internet speed was about 0.5-1.0 mbps this is ridiculous! Since day one I spent about one hour a day on the phone with the tech support, with no meaningful change of outcomes, besides me wasting my time, energy and patience! 

According to all the tests that the tech support guided me through, it seems like I have a faulty line somewhere but for whatever reason they won’t send a technician to come over and check where is the problem and fix it.


Can you please help me?


Also, I have to admit it is quite mind boggling, how I got better internet service when I visited developing countries in south America and little islands in the middle of nowhere, but now I get essentially no internet in the middle of Brisbane?! This is outrages!


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Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

Re: Slow ADSL that drop out in St. Lucia Brisbane

We rank 50-60th in the world for internet. Even NZ could find the money to put in fibre.


How much data do you require? Since the NBN displaced telephone ADSL/Cable, Australia has put more than normal investment into 4G.

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RetiredModerator AlexRH

Re: Slow ADSL that drop out in St. Lucia Brisbane

Hi @Guytus0, understand that this kind of speed would be frustrating - to say the least 😞

I really hope that this has been resolved since you posted here but if you're still having trouble, can you please confirm your fault ref #? Happy to chase it up on our end for you. 

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