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Should I move from Telstra to Optus?


Hi there,


I'm thinking about swapping from my current provider to Optus. Does anyone have any good comparison cheat sheets on the pros and cons? I'm a heavy data user and often visit rural areas.


What's a good plan?


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Re: Should I move from Telstra to Optus?


I would suggest getting a prepaid sim and looking at the coverage in the rural area you travel before commiting yourself to a plan. If you find the coverage is good then you can't go wrong with any of the sim plans Optus offer.  You would have to be more specific on how much data you want before a comparison can be drawn however from my observation Optus is much more generous with data than Telstra.


Re: Should I move from Telstra to Optus?


You've posted under internet/broadband.


Are you refering to a mobile phone plan?


If so then its pretty widely acknowledged that Telstra have the best rural reception. The difference isn't much but you can definitely get Telstra reception sometimes but not Optus way out woop woop. The reverse is seldom the case.


Big Data is definitely an Optus speciality and you'll get much more Gb for your buck at Optus than Telstra. 


As mentioned perhaps grab a Optus $2 sim and try it out next time you head out.


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Re: Should I move from Telstra to Optus?


NO WAY!!!  Here is a summary of what I have gone through recently with Optus....


SUN 27/1/19 - My HOME PHONE (LANDLINE) stops working.

MON 28/1/19 - I contact Optus (via online chat on Optus website), and "Maria" books technicians for TUE 29/1/19.

TUE 29/1/19 - Technicians DO NOT come.

WED 30/1/19 - I open a case on the Optus website.  Christian Okeefe is assigned, and leaves a message "We're on it".  This was 10 DAYS ago, and there has been no reply since.

WED 30/1/19 - I contact Optus again (via online chat on Optus website). "Ada" books technicians for SAT 2/2/19 12:00-16:00.

SAT 2/2/19 (12:00-16:00) - Technicians DO NOT come (2nd TIME).

SAT 2/2/19 (16:00) - I contact Optus again (3rd TIME via online chat on Optus website). "Clifford" assures me that technicians will come today (2/2/19) between 16:00-18:00.

SAT 2/2/19 (16:00-18:00) - Technicians DO NOT come (3rd TIME).

SAT 2/2/19 (18:00) - I inform "Clifford", who now books technicians for TUE 5/2/19.

TUE 5/2/19 - Technicians DO NOT come (4th TIME).

WED 6/2/19 - I e-mail Optus at the e-mail address they provide on their website.  Up till now, no reply.

THU 7/2/19 11:10pm -  I ring Optus. I am told that a technician will contact me within 20 minutes.  Of course, this does not happen.

THU 7/2/19 11:40pm - I ring Optus again. "Laukik" tells me that technicians will come on TUE 12/2/19.

TUE 12/2/19 - Guess what? Technicians DO NOT come (5th TIME).


So, I am now at the stage where it is clear that Optus does not value me as their customer, despite almost 20 years of loyalty and the thousands of dollars (over $20,000) I have paid to them over the years.  VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!


Re: Should I move from Telstra to Optus?

Just be aware Optus customer service [in my experience] is much the same as the 'Non Customer Service' that Telstra offer, 2 hours waiting, promises that your problem will be addressed and guess what ?? Absolute "Zilch"
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