Should I buy a Netgear Orbi Cable Modem Router (CBR40)?


Hi Team,


I have an Optus cable internet service, the cable connects to an Optus supplied "Netgear Cable eMTA CM500V-1STAUS" modem, which connects to my 7390 Fritz Box.


I am now planning to upgrade my powerline network devices to a mesh network. All the reviews tell me that the Netgear Orbi mesh wifi system is the best. Looking at the range of devices I see there is Orbi Cable Modem Router (CBR40).


My question is, would this one device replace both my Optus Netgear modem AND my Fritz Box?




Re: Should I buy a Netgear Orbi Cable Modem Router (CBR40)?


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Re: Should I buy a Netgear Orbi Cable Modem Router (CBR40)?


@MichaelG Is that an Australian model? Looking at the specs, it seems to replace everything, including the cable modem and wifi router. BUT, with cable modem, not all are support by the ISP, even supported one might have to have the modem's MAC address added on to the server. Maybe contact Optus technical support and see if Optus allows you to add a third party cable modem to the network. 


If you are keen on the Orbi then keep the exisiting Netgear modem and just get the Orbi RBK50 and use it a a wifi router and mesh network. There are some one special or look on gumtree. Might put mine on gumtree when I have some spare time.

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