Shocking customer service and loyalty! Please explain!


This is more of a public service announcement!


We've been a loyal Optus customer for well over a decade.


Fed up with continuous slow speeds and dropouts we were looking for a fix. Even considering upgrading to their most expensive home cable plan with speed boost!


Was finally told by support it was probably the Optus modem being the issue. Considering how long we have been a customer for, our modem was now a discontinued product. Support had said to speak to sales about upgrading to a higher (speed boost) plan and they would be able to supply a new modem free considering we were thinking of going with their Entertainment Plus Bundle. 


Upon inquiring about upgrading to this higher plan with sales team, I was informed that we would have to pay for a new modem fee ontop of the monthly contract price. This came as a shock considering what support had mentioned and our long term loyalty. Not to mention re-contracting for 24 months to a completely new and higher plan, Entertainment Plus Bundle. We are currently only home phone and internet.


Was told a free modem was only for new customers! Talk about penny pinching and no customer loyalty. Optus expect everyone to be patient and bear with them when they have their constant issues, and also for us to continue paying our full bills for services we don not fully receive!


Absolutely shocking! No customer loyalty! We stuck with Optus through out their congestion issues, constant outages, and months long delays of the local node upgrade for our area. Being limited to only a few MB's per second speeds and not even at peak times. During all this being billed the full amount. We should have contacted the Ombudsman and ACCC instead.


Called today and spent well over 1.5 hours on hold, trying to speak with someone only being bounce around for longer hold times. We can't keep lining Optus pockets with our hard earned money for services we pay for and do not receive.


I really hope an Optus rep see's this and can account for this appauling service.


My Question:

How do people rate Optus for customer service and who would you recommend as an alternative for cable broadband plans?

Re: Shocking customer service and loyalty! Please explain!


Really sorry for the experience here @mvp07, certainly not the one we want you to have. Are you able to PM me your full name, Optus account number & date of birth so we can look into new modem options for you? 

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Re: Shocking customer service and loyalty! Please explain!

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