Shocking Support for Technical DSL Issues


Since switching from TPG to Optus a few weeks ago we're constantly having drop outs, delays, lost connections, etc on our ADSL service. Trying to get hold of Technical Support has proven to be fruitless so many times, hence resorting to the community forum. Who on earth wants to hold for over 30 minutes for technical support every time I've tried since getting the Optus broadband service! Disgusting. Is everyone else experiencing such poor service?

Tried live chat....."All our agents are busy" no luck there either.

Tried emailing my Optus response to the email nor any response to the request for a call back.


TPG customer support was far better and a stable service even if it was a bit slower.


Any Optus tech support people able to call me? Message me? Send smoke signals? Something? Anything?


One very unhappy customer here.


Re: Shocking Support for Technical DSL Issues


Hey @wiredafrican


Our centres have been super busy lately but they do try and get to everyone as soon as they can, more than happy to have a look into your connection further if you can PM me your full name, DOB & Internet username or account number. 

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