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New Contributor

Shitty internet with Optus again!!!! 3rd time ive called 3rd time ive contacted them through chat

Hey All,


Is anyone else having latency issues with Optus?


This has been going on with my network for at least 2 weeks now. Get the normal response - we will call you tomorrow becuase we need to monitor the network for 24 hours.


It was 24 hours 2 weeks ago and I haven't heard anything.

I'm experiencing higgh latencty from what I believe is a Cable modem termination system (CMTS) as this is the first box my traffic hits on its way out.


Optus, the IP Address of this box is


The Photo below is showing how many times i have lost connectivity to this first box in the last 30 mins

Loss of connection.PNG


This picture is the route my traffic takes. how much information do I have to provide for you to fix this issue?

Traffic Path.PNG

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