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Hi, I am on ADSL2 at the moment.
While just casually checking for available service in my area online, it said that I could get Optus cable.
I happily contacted the Sales team over chat to understand the differences between my existing service against the $80 Cable plan.
The rep said Optus Cable was not available at my address.
Then I realized that depending on how I search, changes the result.
If I search for 'X My Street', it returns 'UNIT Y/X My ST, ESSENDON NORTH, VIC 3041' as a possible match. Selecting it shows that I can get Optus Cable.
When I search for 'Y/X My Street', it comes up with 'Unit Y X My Street, ESSENDON NORTH VIC, 3041' as suggestion. When I check with the suggested result, it does not show ant result.
Inspite of my explanations the sales rep just didn't budge and said that the way I am searching is incorrect!!
The support guy just didn't buy into that fact that the search engines are not always super smart and that they can get confused too.
Highly frustrated. Please help.

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I think NBN is coming and you should try to check at


and see if already available at  your address then book it with any ISP.

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NBN is at least a year away! Smiley Sad


Re: Serviceability Check


Feel free to send me your address in a PM and I can confirm this for you.

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