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Self-Hosted Mail Server

Good day!

I've just recently joined Optus and it's my Day 3 now and I have a very horrible experience so far.  Prior to Optus, I was with Telstra, both on Cable internet system.


A bit of a background:

  • I have been using an OS X server to host my e-mail.  I have my own domain (which is my last name), and my e-mail address would be "".  As I am with cable, it means my IP address is dynamic. To solve this problem, I use DYNDNS to manage my domain and IP. So ig my IP changes, DYNDNS would just update the DNS servers automagically.
  • For the last 8 years, I never had any problems until 3 days ago.

Trouble with Optus:

  • Prior to signing with Optus Cable, I have asked the representative all questions that I need to ask to ensure that Optus would be able to provide what I need. The representative said that by default, Optus closes its port 25 (SMTP), but can be opened.  I was asked a few questions to make sure I abide with the Fair Go policy, and it was deemed that I am because I don't use my e-mail for business.
  • Then, I signed up for Optus. E-mail system didn't work. I contacted Optus to open up port 25, which they did.  Now I can send outgoing e-mail.
  • Sad to say, for the last 3 days, I haven't got any e-mail as they haven't opened up port 25 for incoming.
  • I spent the last 3 hours with someone from Optus' overseas tech support to no avail.

Can anyone please shed some light on this?  Just want to make sure that before I switch back to Telstra, that it is really not possible for Optus to accommodate my request.  That, of course, I'll seek the advice of Telco Ombudsman as well.


Warm regards,


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Moderator Casey_

Re: Self-Hosted Mail Server

Hey Micheal, if you can please send us a PM with your account details, full name, DOB and best contact number, I can have a specialist get in contact with you. 

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Re: Self-Hosted Mail Server

I sent you a PM, Casey.


Just for the record, if this is not resolved by COB Wednesday, I will terminating all my Optus Services that I’ve signed up for last Friday and will not be expecting any costs.


I will also seek compensation for the third party services that I need to purchase to enable incoming e-mail on my system as an interim. Your overseas support team is full of empty promises as they have only returned my call once and would refuse to provide me a callback number.


I have been advised by the Telco Ombudsman that all communication with Optus be written. 

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