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My contract for an iPad with mobile broadband data expires in one week’s time. I want to share data with my Optus mobile service after expiration of the contract. When I attempted to arrange this via online chat Optus said that I would have to purchase a new contract to enable data sharing.


when I originally contracted the service for the iPad I asked what happens at the end of the contract, because I did not want to recontract the service. The shop staff said that At the end of the contract I would purchase a second sim for my mobile service for a small fee - I would install it in my iPad and share data with my mobile service, and ther would be no need for a new contract or continuation of the existing contract.


I have mobile data only. We generally cannot hotspot as the phone and the iPad are usually not at the same location.


what is my solution? I specifically entered into the original iPad contract on the basis that I would not have to enter into subsequent contracts and this was the information provided to me at the time of purchase. Was that information incorrect or was the Optus employee on the chat incorrect? Is there another suitable solution? If there is no solution do I have any recourse?


 Thanks in anticipation of your help

Re: Second sim for data sharing


Hi Beet9,


You will still need an Optus service in your iPad to share data, we no longer offer a data sharing SIM at no cost. You would need to take up a SIM plan of your choice and have that SIM in your iPad, here are some of our month to month SIM plans →

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Re: Second sim for data sharing


Forward this to your marketing team, this extra service nonsense has successfully drive me towards Telstra than Optus. Telstra still provide the 5 dollar data sim when Optus are not? It dosen't sounds good. You guys are having a good chance against Telstra now, don't ruin it.

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