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New Contributor MrBeanOz
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Scam calls

I keep receiving the following robotised calls daily (sometimes several times/day). Despite all the obvious evidence, it is clearly a scam for no other reason than NBN is not available in my area. Caller ID suggests the calls originate from a different number every time which makes blocking pretty pointless. Anyone got the same problem and found a solution?


“This is X from the national broadband network, we have been trying to get in touch with you. However we are going to disconnect your landline and internet connection within 24 hours as the NBN is now available within your locality. For uninterrupted services please press 1 to get your self connected to a technician.”

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Re: Scam calls

Yes its a scam. Unfortunately there's no simple way to completely block a number even if it remains the same. These days my recommendation (after making sure you are on the DNC register - not that that would help in this case) is simply to not answer any calls that have no Caller ID or a caller ID you don't recognise. Any entity with a legitimate reason to contact you will have several options to get to you  (Most legit ones will call back a little while later with the same number, or SMS you or email etc.) This simple approach reduces nusance calls considerably (No robo calls, scammer, people selling stuff, surveys, debt collectors, charities, etc.) 


Most people will call your mobile number I suspect? Those that do still go the landline you likely can count on two hands?


As an aside on another scam to be wary of, never call back an unanswered number you don't recognise. Scammer will these days now ring for 1 second and hangup. When you call beack you'll actually be connected to a pay per minute service ($10 a minute) where the person answering will just try keep you on the line as long as possible.


Peter Gillespie