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Sagemcomm modem and printing wirelessly

My Epson printer has picked up my wifi network but the Macbook cant pick up the printers, any set up tips 


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Re: Sagemcomm modem and printing wirelessly

Is this a printer that is already in your MacBook Printer list or a new printer to be Added?

If existing , try to reset the modem from within the System Admin screens and wait 30-60 seconds before restart. If MacBook doesn't show printer for selection, Restart the MacBook so it can refresh its IP address. Wi-Fi printing connections can take some time to establish. If still no go, can you try Adding it as a new printer.  I have never found connecting wireless printers an instant experience - can wait 15-20 seconds for activity in the printer to commence - maybe due to age of PC and printers I have. 

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