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We have a Sagemcom 3864 Modem. All our devices connected to this Modem work pefectly, excepting for our Foxtel box that will automatically disconnect itself every 24hr period.

On viewing the Network Details on the Fox box, it shows that it has disconnected due to the DHCL Lease expiring. Reconnection of the DHCL Lease can only be achieved by disconnecting the Fox box from the power supply for a minute or so. On powering up the Fox box, it will reconnect, however in the Network Details it shows that the DHCL Lease will expire 24hrs from when it was reconnected !!

We have been informed by Foxtel that their box checks out as operating propery. Also upon checking with Optus we were informed that there service also checks out as being fullyoperational, and that we need to contact Sagemcom as a port needs to be opened (?)

However the Sagemcom support phone line does not answer and we have no way of sorting this annoying problem. Hopefully someone will be able to help.

Thank you.



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Hi; here's a good link that explains some worthwhile detail.

You're not in a public hotspot situation, and for some core devices I would recommend assigning a static address to your media device. Access your modem, Advanced Settings->LAN, and add entry. You need to know the MAC address of the device you add. In my system I have DHCP addresses start at say, so that I can assign static addresses starting at say for printer, and increment in 5 for other permanent household devices. New users/guests, mobile devices like phones and tablets would automatically start at and would expire every 24 hours. Hope this helps.

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Hi and thank you for your suggested solution, much appreciated.


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