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New Contributor GDH
New Contributor

Sagemcom Fast 3864OP keeps dropping out

Hello, I keep having dropouts since I set up this internet connection beginning of 2017. The modem was exchanged once, but the internet continues to drop off about every 10 minutes - especially on mobile devices. It does less so on my computer. I have now returned from Europe, and absolutely cannot accept the quality of this internet anymore - especially at the price we are paying. I will ask you to credit what I have paid since the beginning of the year since I have called about 20 times about this and it has not been resolved. I see online that many users have the same problem with this modem, so I expect you to resolve it asap or else I will request a full refund and change provider.

I just called the support and received a text message with an interactive guide - but guess what - my connection dropped out so I cannot even access the interactive guide. This is ridiculous!!

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Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Re: Sagemcom Fast 3864OP keeps dropping out

It may not be the modem.  Ask for a technician to come out and check your line from the street pit back to your house.  If that checks out okay then you need to keep at Optus to fix the modem problem.  In the old days you could use your own choice of modem but that's gone out the window.  You can't even use the Sagecom modem as a bridge to a different WiFi router without significant programming expertise.

On a more practical line...try these steps (at your own risk):

1/ Have you tried a "hard reset" on both modems?  The Sagecom and the Ariss NBN box (the grey box with the NBN logo)?  To do so look at the back of both modems.  Each has a little pinhole for resetting the device, marked "reset".  Use a toothpick...not a metal push the microswitch in each hole and hold the switch down for thirty seconds.  The lights on the modem will flash and then go will take a few minutes for them to reset and cycle back to the on state.  That MAY fix the problem...if not, go to part 2...

2/ Go and buy a couple of ethernet cables of about 1.5m in length (if that's the length of your existing cables).  They're can even buy them in the Reject Shop of all places.  If you aren't sure of the type tell the salesperson that you are linking a modem to a pc and need that type of network cable.

3/ Switch off the power to your modem, pc and Ariss NBN box AT THE POWERPOINT.  Swap out the ethernet cables you already have on your modem going from the Ariss NBN box to your modem and from the modem to the PC.  Now turn the power back on and see if that makes a difference.  If it doesn't then either the modem is dodgy or the external wiring to the house is on the fritz.  Only a technician can fix that.


Now in telling you all this I cannot offer a guarantee that it will help you know, the standard legal disclaimer... you do this at your own risk and with no guarantee it will work, etc... but these are the steps I would have followed first if I were in your position.  I'm not a tech but I have dabbled with computers for many years now and know enought to fix a few things.

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Moderator Tris

Re: Sagemcom Fast 3864OP keeps dropping out

Hi @GDH, I'm sorry for the ongoing trouble you've had with the modem dropping out. Is it just the WiFi network impacted or are you experiencing the same problem via Ethernet? This really would need to be looked into further by the Tech Support team, if the troubleshooting steps haven't helped. Were you provided a fault reference number in the past? I may be able to escalate the problem to our Case Management team 

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