Sagemcom F@ST3864V2 router needs a reset once a week


Hey All,


I'm a Cable internet user but I've noticed that it's predominantly NBN users who also use the same router I do. The firmware version of this unit is 8.353.1_F@ST5350_Optus and I have a seperate Netgear Wireless AP I use for WiFi in my home (I don't use the Sagemcom's WiFi).


About once a week I lose network (LAN and Internet) connectivity throughout my house and I need to power cycle the Sagemcom router. The Motorola modem this router is plugged into maintains the connection to the internet (and the LEDs indicate this too) so it seems like the issue is entirely related to the router. Is anyone else out there suffering in silence as I am? I'm about to put in a UPS with line filtering on the power but the other devices I have plugged into the same circuit are doing just fine. Alternately, if there's a better router that's also silent I ought to be using (e.g., one you have no issues with) that doesn't have to serve up WiFi, please let me know so I can just buy it and know I have a reliable connection!


Thanks in advance.

Re: Sagemcom F@ST3864V2 router needs a reset once a week




I experience the same problem as well (NBN FTTC using a Sagemcom F@ST3864V3 - Black) and its random.


After reading so many posts.. most users eventually gave up and bought an extra wifi router to circumvent this random issue. After much investigation, I found that the Sagemcom F@ST3864V3 has issues with DHCP. It doesnt matter if you are on Wireless or Ethernet, you will experience dropouts.


While I am now trying to find out how I can get my router replaced for another unit, I have set most of my frequently used devices on Static IP and they have never dropped since. 


Good luck.



Re: Sagemcom F@ST3864V2 router needs a reset once a week


That's good advice, Kevy! Thank you. If it's a known issue, I'm sure the telco supplying my hardware won't mind replacing it with a *fully* functional unit - especially since it was well within the 12 months warranty period.




Re: Sagemcom F@ST3864V2 router needs a reset once a week


Hi Kevy,


I just got off the phone with Optus technical support. I explained the situation and even referred to your deductions (which I agree with) about DHCP breaking in the Sagemcom router after a while.


I was told that the router needed to be rebooted regularly and that it was a part of life.

I asked the tech if 'every week' was too frequent and he told me flatly that it wasn't.

I then explained that I had a Cisco 877F that didn't need rebooting in 3 years...and what he had to say about that.

He told me to go and buy another router if I was unhappy with this one.


Wow. Just wow.


Aaanyway, I'm now off to Whirlpool to post the above rant and also to ask them what the most stable Ethernet home router is that that crowd recommends.


I hope you have better luck than me! Thanks again.

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