Sagemcom F@ST3864AC clash with Hisense Smart TV


I also am experiencing the same issue that many others hav been reporting re the clash between a Hisense Smart TV and the Sagemcom F@ST3864AC gateway. I moved house about 8 months ago where I  had Optus cable via the supplied wifi cable modem, Netgear CG3000STAUS and never experienced the error is not responding.

When I moved to my current property the Optus technician installed a Netgear CM500V cable modem and connected via a ethernet cable the modem to a Sagemcom FA

F@ST3864AC Gateway and from the moment I connected my Hisense Smart TV to either WiFi or ethernet connections the error pops onto the screen of the TV freezing it and forcing me to click ok for it to pop up again continuosly. I too have spent many hours on the phone with Optus call centre staff, tech support, Hisense and I've even sent emails to Sagemcom support (no response from them) and no one has come up with a solution.

I can understand that as businesses, Hisense can say their TV's are ok and it's Optus equipment causing the issue and Optus can say, our equipment works fine with every TV except Hisense, so Hisense have the issue as it's their firmware file ( But as we all can see in the forums going back almost two years there has been many unhappy customers complaining about this very issue yet no one has been able to assist one customer. I was able to find 3 open tickets easily in the forum, 15349948, 15278074 and 15523036 and I'm sure there will be many more and still no solution.

I am a manager in a Customer Service Industry Call Centre with offices both here and offshore and fully appreciate the challenges of resolving customer's issues, but that is the job and we do resolve them. Not always as quick as we would like but never would we allow a customer's issue  to go unanswered and unrectified month after month and no ETA of a resolution.

I have no idea why the Netgear modem combined with the Sagemcom gateway are being rolled out for consumers who are on ADSL or cable connection to be ready for NBN connection or if you are connecting to NBN first time when there are so many customers experiencing this issue and I also saw the sagecom is affecting the fetch TV for many customers as well. I assume the supply of the modem and gateway are tied up contractually in some way with Optus and NBN but there has to be a solution.

I have a two suggestions and would appreciate a response from Optus if either option 1 or 2 is achievable which would almost certainly solve this clash and resolve many customers issues. 

Option One:

If Optus has to supply the Netgear CM500V modem and Sagemcom F@ST3864AC gateway can an additional separate router with wifi, different SSID and password to the Netgear modem connected via ethernet from Lan port in gateway to lan port or wan port be supplied and installed by an Optus tech (as there will be numerous customers not tech savvy). If this is possible a customer could then have the TV (and fetch TV box) connected to this router with a different SSID and password and existing connections to the household, ADSL, cable or NBN would remain unchanged. I don't know of this would cause any clashes with the WiFi as I'm a mere novice when it comes to this stuff but appears to make sense to me. If Optus is unable to supply and install this, is it possible to post the equipment to ourchase and the connection and setup process for customers to action themselves.

Option 2, Optus tech comes to premises of any customer who registers the issue with their Hisense TV and the Netgar modem and Sagecom gateway be replaced with, for example, Netgear CG3000STAUS modem or a Cisco modem, models EMTA2203 or DPQ3212 or DPQ3925.  I had the Netgear CG3000STAUS in my last property on cable and had no issues with my TV and a friend was on a Cisco modem, same TV and also no issues.

Either Option 1 or 2 are solutions that would certainly give Optus some credabity back and show their customers they are important to them. I am, and I am assuming every customer affected by this issue, only asking for the service we are paying for every month allow our Smart TV's to communicate with the outside world and for Optus to stand up and accept there is a problem with their supplied gateways and Hisense TV's. Who is responsible for all this, Optus, Hisense or Sagemcom is not our concern (the consumer) and we should not be disadvantaged because no of you are accepting responsibility. I am positive that there is not a Optus Employee, Executive or Manager who would want anything different if they were affected by this or for any service they contract to and if not fully delivered by the Provider would expect a speady resolution. We are asking nothing more.

As I said before Our Hisense TV,s work, Our connection to the Internet for all of our mobiles, compters etc work. What doesn't work is the TV and the Gateway communicating. Instead of playing thr blame game, consider the suggestions above, provide the fix so we can connect our TVs to the Internet and sort the legals out behind closed doors where it should be. Put your customers interests first


I look forward to any responses from Optus and hopefully a solution for all affected


Yours Mark


Re: Sagemcom F@ST3864AC clash with Hisense Smart TV


Hi Mark my apologies you've been having problems with this. You will need to contact the Tech Support team so that an individual fault can be raised and attached to the main problem report. I'm unsure if any of your suggestions are viable, a case manager will then be able to discuss further though

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Re: Sagemcom F@ST3864AC clash with Hisense Smart TV


Hi there,

we recently connected the Sagemcom modem and suddenly lost the ability to access iView, SBS on demand etc from our Hisense TV. We reset the factory settings of the TV and that has fixed the issue.

hope this helps - very frustrating!


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