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Contributor DarrenH

Sagemcom 5366TN



I received the router today (finally) installed it and it immediately connected.

I set up the wifi (changing SSID & PW) to something more identifiable for family.

When I turn on wifi on iphone I see my wifi name:  connects without an issue.

The question I have is I have both the 2.4 & 5GHz frequencies enabled (by default)

I can only see one WIFI name on my devices.

Normally with other modems I can see both WIFI names ie sit shows both 2.4 & 5 ghz wifi's and you choose the one you want.

As it stands now both are enabled but I only see the name of my WIFI SSID only.  Connects OK.

If I rename the 5GHZ one to say myssid_5GHZ I can now see 2 x of my SSID's as opposed to one.


CAn someone explain why this happens?  Should i leave them the same name of change?

Or is the eouter authmactially picking the correct freqewuncey for me as I roam around the house ?





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Crowd Champion SillyGogo
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Re: Sagemcom 5366TN

the 5366 does not have band steering, so you should see both 2.4 and 5ghz networks. Sometimes the 5Ghz takes little longer to come up on the wifi network. I would hard reset the modem and see that the 5ghz is avaliable. If it is all works then change the SSID and Passphase to suit your needs. 

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