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I have just had cable installed at my new house, I have the Sagemcom 3864V3 AC WiFi HOME GATEWAY MODEM.


The Technician has set it all up nad I have gone through it all with the diagram in hand and I can not get any of the LAN ports to work at all.


I plug the cable in and not light s come on at all, I have reset both modems and have tried all LAN ports and different cables and nothing seems to work at all.


Re: Sagemcom 3864V3 AC WiFi HOME GATEWAY MODEM


What are you plugging into the LAN ports?


Do you have something else you could try to plug these devices in to confirm if its the F@ST modem or if it's the device you are connecting?

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Re: Sagemcom 3864V3 AC WiFi HOME GATEWAY MODEM


I am trying to use the LAN ports to run my TVs.


I have a new house so I have ports where the modem is set that run to all the tvs in the house. 


When I plug the cables into the modem there are no lights that come on to say that they are working at all.




Re: Sagemcom 3864V3 AC WiFi HOME GATEWAY MODEM


try pluging a laptop or a bluray player or anything with a lan port DIRECTLY to the modem and not via the house's network. 


is there a hub or a network switch in your new house? i suspect there is a central point where all the cable from your tv terminates. look for that switch or hub and make sure there is power to it. 

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