Sagecom router and cable modem upgrade


I have a sagecom router and a optus netcomm cable modem and I am trying to upgrade the router to a netcomm router r8000.

I have intermittent dropout of the cable internet that I believe is common. with us cable users.  But this is not the immediate problem.

I cannot get internet access on the netcomm modem.

While everyone at Optus "technical support" is obsessed with knowing my birthdate they have not got a clue how to fix this issue or even know what a a mac address is.

(Am I going to recieve a mass of birthday cards?)

I have replaced the router and I get the same issue of a lack of internet connection.  I plugged the internet cable from the router into my laptop and I get no internet.  At this point the support person at optus was confused and could not help me any further. 

He was stuck because presumably he could no longer blame netcomm.

Can someone tell what my my issue issue is, apart from anger management.

Re: Sagecom router and cable modem upgrade


Unfortunately support is limited for 3rd party hardware when speaking with Tech Support. Have you reached out to Sagecom to see what they can advise may be stopping the router from working?

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Re: Sagecom router and cable modem upgrade


Hi @OptusCustomer01 , unfortunately, your verification or detail might not hand over to the next support person, especially during busy time. I am sure you understand why it is important to verify a caller on the phone. 


About your setup, do you actually have a Netcomm or NETGEAR?


Is this (Netgear CM500V + Sagemcom 3864V3 OP / 3864V3 AC) what Optus supplied to you? 

What is the internet connection like when you using only the Optus supplied equipement? If they are working normaly then focus on the CM500V and R8000. If it is poor, then the issue could be the connection coming into your  home. 


With the new setup is the R8000 pickup an IP from the CM500V?  

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Re: router and cable modem upgrade


what stops the Sagecom router from working is that it is cheap. and nasty

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