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Having issues like so many others... with the supplied sagecom modem, has had problems from day and lost all connectivity, spent time with  optus who after all sorts of "testing" came up with the conclusion I did, that is is not responding. They are sending out a new sagecom AC v3 - hope that works. Thoughts on this modem and what you think of it?


I am not confident as reviews on this new one don't even get to 2 stars! I think optus need to start stopping trying to save a buck and there and provide a better service with a better modem like a TP-link etc... Not good when I read that often optus simply advise customers to buy their own. Not Cool Optus, this shows yout know your product is poor.


Note that the more people who make comments like this the more likely optus will be to get better equipment.


I look forward to seeing your comments.

Re: Sagecom Modem/Router


I appear to be one of those individuals who have experienced no issues with the Sagemcom modem-router on NBN. I have been connected to FTTN since October 16 and have used the AC V2 and AC V3 versions. Each has been stable.


I am in Central Tablelands NSW which is (Telstra country and) a quiet WiFi environment. My conclusion is that the Sagemcom is a good, basic device; and, is essential for an Optus home phone line. I believe that a lot of issues with the Sagemcom are a consequence of: the NBN itself, house and street wiring, very noisy WiFi environment, incompatibility of some WiFi adapters and connected devices (with the available channels used by the Sagemcom).


The only complaint I have is that the user interface is so constrained, by Optus, that it (the GUI) is about as useful as a hip pocket in a singlet. I consider that, if you don't require a home phone, it is far wiser to use your own device. Optus may be encouraging that because it saves their (phone) support from overload by complaining customers.

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