SAGECOM F@ST 3864 Admin Password




I have just setup my new broadband service.


I need to setup some things on the router to enable proxycache server, DNS, DHCP and some security (seeing as Xss attacks are easily achievable with the loginuser=1 command)


I have tried the following for admin:








but no joy. Can someone please supply the default admin password for this type of router.

Re: SAGECOM F@ST 3864 Admin Password

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Hey Deepsksisam


There are ways to log in to the admin section of the router and the default password was 1 of the passwords you have tried already, however I think there is no default password as such any more


To save you the headache I would suggest it would be easier to purchase your own modem that has not been locked down to achieve your desired results


Optus has reasons for locking these down for sure and the easiest way to bypass them would be to use a non optus supplied modem for your connection


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Re: SAGECOM F@ST 3864 Admin Password


Hi  @Deepsksisam 


According to the userguide I found on the Optus site it's your Optusnet username and password which is strange practice :/ Try that though.


By the way the userguides are here but the manufactures site link doesn't work properly as the manufacturer no longer has the guide up. Just checked the "Download Manual" link

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Re: SAGECOM F@ST 3864 Admin Password


If we put in another modem in front.. then VOIP doesnt work properly on optus modem.... and Optus won't share the VOIP codes! 

Re: SAGECOM F@ST 3864 Admin Password


Hey Peeps


@SamSam what you have offered is the authentication username and password, what @Deepsksisam wants is the login to the admin interface of the modem which houses the DNS settings etc


@kunalbags yes you are right, they haven't made it easy


There is an admin interface, however they have locked it down for some reason, presumably because some of the settings will affect the voice from working properly blah blah blah


I personally feel that some of the settings should be accessable especially if you have no choice but to use the Optus modem so your VoIP works


Maybe someone on here will read this and possibly push the question to the powers that be Smiley Wink


They should have something that at least meets in the middle as lots of people use web filtering DNS services to stop their children accessing bad websites and require you to be able to change your DNS settings to theirs for the filter to work


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Re: SAGECOM F@ST 3864 Admin Password


@jabbajaws77 @SamSam @Deepsksisam 





For Admin Access to the router, here are the method:

Go to: 

username: admin

password: Y3s0ptus


I have an Asus router, but since it can't see the WAN IP, its cloud functionality is crippled.. 


I managed to get my hands on a guide on how to put sagecom on bridge mode..didnt work for me...! that where I got the admin login from. Admin login opens up lots of options.. a little to confusing unless your full network God.. oh also provide full access to VOIP settings.. again to complex unless someone knows what they are doing.. 


Also tried to put Sagecom as second router... i.e. Asus connected directly to NBN.. everything works except the phone on recieves calls but unable to dial out..


If someone need the bridging guide shoot me direct message with your email address.. I;ll fwd it on.

Re: SAGECOM F@ST 3864 Admin Password


That was the generic password they were using for admin login but they have started to change then and as said above he tried that password without success

In your case with VoIP can you try instead of bridging the modem just plug the ethernet cable on your asus modem directly into the red fibre port on the back of the sagemcom and see if that enables you to still make calls? I would be curious the result

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Hi guys
I'm in a similar situation. I have a fritzbox that I want to use but cannot get voip to work on it.

Can optus support confirm if :
1) Logins from other ATM's are blocked by their SEP server?
2) What are the complete voip details of the service?

Having the Fritz and 3864 both connected defeats the purpose having a high end modem plus I will have to use two different phones one with fritzbox and one with 3864.

I recieved my box in mid march and the Y3sOptus password does not work on that box.

Any updates on this issue????

Re: SAGECOM F@ST 3864 Admin Password




password: Y3s0ptus does not work on my SAGECOM F@ST 3864 modem.  For a start the modem was not password protected.  What I and others wanted to do were to password protect it so others close by would not be able to access to change it's configuration setting.


However, when we try to introduce a password we have to enter its menu, Access Control ----Passwords.  When the Password Screen opens, other then asking for Username (admin) it also asked for Old Password, then New Password and Confirm Password.


We have tried everything for Old Password including "blank" spaces.  they all failed.

Re: SAGECOM F@ST 3864 Admin Password


I've replied to you on this thread @TheOneModem Password Entry.

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