Router to connect to existing Netgear Cable Modem (CG3000-2STAUS) - recommendations please


I'm a cable Internet customer and have the Netgear CG3000v2 cable modem/router as provided by Optus.  Within my house, I have two Foxtel IQ3 boxes in two rooms.   It became obvious that the wireless signal as pumped out by the CG3000 just wasn't up to scratch.   I initially put it down to the fact that the Optus cable/modem was too far away, located in my study.  As a result, I hardwired Cat6 cable to each of the rooms and used DLink 4 port switches to connect in each room some devices.   No problems whatsoever, all Foxtel movie downloads work first time every time, as do the other devices (Android media boxes). 


My desktop computer is hardwired to the cable modem (in the same room), no complaints with speed.   I recently purchased an Asus laptop computer, the wireless works at up to mode.   Using the laptop, browsing the internet is excruciatingly slow, and yet the Optus wireless cable/router is only 3 metres away, in the line of sight.  


Preamble over.   I want to turn off the wireless component of the CG3000 and connect the latest Wifi router.   I'm after recommendations.   What I want to do is have super speed Wifi connection throughout my single storey double brick house.   Is it possible to also connect a second device (router - extender) off one of my DLine switches in the other room(s) to enhance coverage.   If this is possible, I'd prefer a set-up whereby from a user's (guest) point of view it's only one Wifi network (if that makes sense).   


So which brand or model would best suit my requirements?   






ps. If the current wireless speeds are as good as what I've researched so far, had I known that a year ago, I may not have hardwired to the separate rooms.

Re: Router to connect to existing Netgear Cable Modem (CG3000-2STAUS) - recommendations please


Do you have a budget in mind?


I use this Nighthawk router, it's absolutely great. My housemate does online gaming so low latency and reliable were essential. It doesn't miss a beat when I torrent files, and we normally stream a couple of Netflix shows simultaneously to separate TVs:


You can just plug the Nighthawk (or any router) into your CG3000 by Ethernet, so the setup is super easy. It's pretty easy to disable WiFi on the CG3000's web interface too. 


Loyal Optus customer. My opinions are my own.

Re: Router to connect to existing Netgear Cable Modem (CG3000-2STAUS) - recommendations please


I suppose a budget, of sorts, is always in mind.   My budget is in the $300 - $700 price range.   If spending towards the higher end of the budget, obviously I want to know that it will actually do as advertised.   Thanks for the link as well.


One of my concerns is the overall Wifi coverage in my single storey double brick house.   Currently, the cable modem is located in the front corner of the house (study) where my desktop computer sits.   If I place the updated/new wireless router next to the modem, I'm concerned about coverage at the other end of the house.   I already have ethernet cables running to three other rooms, so I was thinking of also placing another Wireless Access Point (router - or whatever the terminology is) off one of the points in the central room.   The configuration I want is one wireless network, not two wireless networks corresponding with two wireless routers.


My plan is to set up the first wireless router, next to the existing modem.   Check coverage/speed at the other end of the house and if all is in order then no further configuration required.   If a further configuration is required, then I'd prefer the brand of hardware that can accommodate my requirements, if that is possible.


Re: Router to connect to existing Netgear Cable Modem (CG3000-2STAUS) - recommendations please


I am also facing same issue with my router, I tired couple of times to connect my router to the existing Netgear cable modem but I couldn’t resolve by own this issue. Please guide me. I didn’t fix Netgear router login access error then I visited this link and resolved it.

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