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New Contributor

Robotic Support fail

The measure of a company is what level of support they offer when something goes wrong. I have spent the last 2 hrs calling every Optus support number that I can possibly find to help me redirect calls from my home phone to a mobile. Unfortunately my home phone was disconnected during an NBN install so I cant use it. So I need Optus to do this for me.


I have entered no less 8-10 responses to the IVR in order to navigate my way through the myriad of support options that always ends up with a recording asking me to refer to the website or power cycle my modem.  This is an admirable challenge, if it were a practical joke Id score it a 9.5,  In my case however it is INFURIATING. 


What is clear to me is that Optus has decided to try and run their customer support without any people. Well a company that tries to run its customer support without people deserves customers that are not people. Sell your machines to other machines and please spare the humanoids among us the pain.


Farewell Optus, it was nice knowing you. 




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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Robotic Support fail

Hey @bugalugs77, Thanks for reaching out to us here. I'm sorry that your NBN installation isn't quite going to plan. Can I just confirm that the landline number in question was previously connected to the Optus Network? You weren’t transferring your number across from another provider?

If a number has full disconnected, we wouldn't be able to organise a diversion from an inactive service number. I'm more than happy to see what we can do for you.


Are you able to send us a PM with your order details? We need your full name, DOB and phone number. We'll chat with you there.

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