Restarting Optus supplied modem


I have Optus cable and am waiting for a speed pack to be activated. Firstly let me start off by asking you to forgive my ignorance in this matter but if I wanted to restart the Optus supplied modem, is it the black box that I restart or the other thing? To be honest I don’t know which one the modem is? Thankyou in advance.


Re: Restarting Optus supplied modem


The modem they refer to, is the Netgear CM450 (it's the box that plugs into the wall with the bolt like connectors). 


Can you restart it? Sure, will it speed up the process, no it won't.

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Re: Restarting Optus supplied modem


Thankyou for explaining. So, having waited 3 weeks already for the speed pack , am I to believe that that is “normal” for Optus? I am a new Optus customer who was on Telstra adsl2 for years and recently changed over to Optus cable.I felt that Telstra were reasonably useless in any dealings I had with them but so far Optus have been both rude and unhelpful to put it mildly. So 3 weeks is normal for Optus? 

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