Renovating and changing from overhead to underground


Hi, I've seen this question before but the answers were from 2013 so not sure if the answer has changed. We are renovating and would like to have our overhead cable removed and have the new cable go via the same power pole from street to cnr of property and then underground to the house. 


Optus cut our cable when we moved out but left the box and some of the cable attached to the wall. I've read the online instructions about what cable my electrician needs to use but am wondering if it is the same team who comes out to remove as to check the new cable and connect it up? Also what sort of lead time is it for visits at the moment because we are getting ready to back fill the trench. 





Re: Renovating and changing from overhead to underground


Hi @SCSydney - Optus probably should make this a 'sticky' as it does come up every now and then. We changed to underground after rebuilding about 7 years ago now, but it doesn't appear it's changed much.


Check here (for the basics) and here (for the technical stuff to give the contractor). When we did it, they didn't inspect the trench or pipe, just assumed it had been done properly! Optus bring the cable - they just use a pull wire to draw the new cable through the pipe. In our case we ran cable from where we wanted it to be to the side of the house where the Optus tech simply connected it all up.

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