Removal of Old/Redundant Telephone Line


Hello. I have recently had NBN installed in my home which has left me with a redundant telephone line that is no longer in service.  I am seeking to have this telephone line removed so as not to interfere with external works to the house.  I noted the following advice from a previous reply post by Optus, being:


"Removal of an Overhead Cable

Please note: Customers / property owners must not tamper with and / or remove any Optus equipment or related cabling, as there is a risk the equipment or cabling may have live power running through it. This includes scenarios where you may be undertaking renovations or repairs to the building.

To organise removal of an existing Optus overhead cable please contact Home Phone General & Billing enquiries on this contact number. You don't need to be an Optus customer to request removal of an inactive overhead cable."


As a long standing customer, I contacted Optus via Live Chat.  Having explained my situation and request and following referral to the Optus technical team, I was advised that I may remove the physical line myself.  I found this to be an quite odd response, not only because this is clearly in contravention of Optus' own written advice, but also because an ordinary customer cannot conceivably attend to the end of the line that is connected to the telephone pole.  When I explained this, I was then told that Optus was not able to organise a technician because it no longer provided this service.  I was then advised to hire a technician myself.  When I requested the name of suitable company (assuming that only suitably registered technicians can perform such a service), I was told by the technician that Optus could no longer assist me.  


The response I received is not satisfactory and falls well short of my expectations.


Assistance in resolving this issue in a timely matter would be appreciated.


Re: Removal of Old/Redundant Telephone Line

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I have seen this question posted many times over the years and as far as I was aware contacting support via the general enquiries was all that was required to get the ball rolling.


I don't believe the information you have been given is correct as I doubt even a licensed electrician is allowed to work on the cabling system attached to the poles without authorisation. You certainly shouldn't be touching this yourself. I would suggest you ring support a second time as you may find the first person you spoke to had no idea what to do and simply palmed you off.


Edit: Just came across this post below so it certainly looks like Optus are still active in removing cabling however if it was a Telstra install it may be their responsibility.


Re: Removal of Old/Redundant Telephone Line


I believe any reasonable person reviewing this post would conclude that the advice I received is poor at best.  Calling through again in a bid to speak to an informed individual is however not the appropriate action in this instance.  I put to Optus that its technical team has a responsibility and duty of care to the general public to ensure that the advice given out is qualified and appropriate.  Consider for a moment the possible consequences and ramifications had a person acted upon this advice.  I am therefore less inclined to dismiss the advice as simply a case of someone having no idea what they are doing.  


My objectives are two fold.  Firstly, to address the immediate need for removal of the redundant telephone line so as not to impede the imminent works on my home, and secondly, request a case review for Optus' quality management purposes.  


Having taken the time to write up this matter, I believe it is only appropriate that I receive a response from Optus themselves.


Thank you.

Re: Removal of Old/Redundant Telephone Line


Hey @Sentry - thanks for taking the time to write this up & apologies you've been given quite the run around. I'm sure we can still book technicians to come and remove the cable from our end. 
Can you please send me a PM with your address? Also, is your NBN active with Optus? 

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