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Relocation request - and cables cut!?

So I organised for a relocation of my adsl2+ to our new address which we will be moving to on the 15/06/2018 and when I put in this request, I advised I didn’t want our current internet disconnected until the 14/06/2018. This was confirmed by Optus and all was well. 


A day day ago I received a text message saying “great news, a technician is on their way to your house to organise relocation of your service” 


I thought .. okay this must mean they are going to the new address to sort things out.


Came home to our house (the one with adsl) to find wires have been cut and just left lying on our front lawn!? 

I spoke to live chat and they told me initially we had a “planned outage” in our area and we will be compensated for the time the service is down. 

Thought it was a bit strange so I chatted to someone else the next day from optus chat and this person told me that no there is no planned outage - in fact our account has been suspended because they have set up our new nbn connection at the new address........ a month early!? What on earth? 

For one, I am extremely annoyed that they did this so soon and for two - leaving cut wires on my lawn with a dog and a toddler running around? How is this acceptable? 

I have asked my case to be escalated to management because I want OUT of Optus - but have heard nothing yet from anyone. 

What should I do

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Relocation request - and cables cut!?

It really doesn't sound like things have gone according to plan @Lelms00


Came home to our house (the one with adsl) to find wires have been cut and just left lying on our front lawn!? 


Which wires had been cut? Our technicians are unable to touch Telstra infrastructure. ADSL uses underground lead in cables, I can't imagine the wires that'd been cut. Could it be that your existing property has become servicable for NBN and they're doing prep work? 


Can you fill out the following template and send that back through via PM.

Are you the primary account holder: Y/N

Your full name:


Account or service number: 



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