Relocation of service


Wow! What a total joke! 


We have moved house and weeks before we even moved I put in a relocation order to ensure our service would be connected by the time we moved in. Or so I thought that’s what would have happened. 


Obviously the internet was not connected. I spoke to someone on chat and they told me I had to come back to chat on the Monday (it was a Friday) to put in yet another relocation order as they can’t do it over the weekend. Bit annoying but ok fine will come back Monday.

Monday comes and I went on chat again to ask them to put the order in. Person I spoke to says they will put it in again. Cool. Sorted. Haha nope.... 

The next day I thought I’d just double check to make sure it was processing... what do you know, it’s been cancelled again... without our knowledge! Lucky I checked on it. All the staff i spoke to on chat were telling me different things. Lost track of how many people I actually spoke to. 

So I phoned. Got put on hold. Got hung up on. Great! 

Go on chat again to get yet another relocation order in. The person says they have done it. Speak to someone the next day to check it’s processing again and only get the response ‘you will receive an email in 5 days of the verification of your relocation order’ 

Wasn’t what I was asking but ok. I have given up. 


How hard is it for them to change the address on your service. What a joke this is. Considering telling them to cancel our service and will go elsewhere. 


Anyone else had problems like this? How long did it take to get resolved because it feels like I never will here. 

Re: Relocation of service


What service are you getting at the new address?

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Re: Relocation of service


Similar crap experience. 


These jokers decided to up my monthly by AUD20 per month and forced me to contract for 2 years just to relocate. 


And it's impossible to get hold of someone to change the appointment times. You'll get passed 10 times on my call centre. 


*(*&#(#$ explenative which is apparently not allowed on this forum (*&^


Good luck. Telstra is not any better btw. 




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