Relocating from NBN to Optus cable does not mean opening up another account with optus

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I hope optus read this and hopefully provide me a real assistance other than tranferring me to everywhere and make me speaking every staff member from optus call centre.


I have moved my house early april and I called optus to asking for relocating my nbn service to my new home.

However I found that my new place does not have access to NBN. so one of the member from Optus has offered me to get optus cable since the previous tennant of my new house was using optus cable before.

He did not mention anything about this will result me opening up a new account number and signing up a new contract which will result me paying a $99 start up Fee. (which I just discovered 2 month later after I move in to my new place)


So now I have two account numbers 6*hidden* is my new account number and the other one (existing nbn) is 6*hidden*,

I asked optus to disconnect my old nbn service on 5th of Apr and I got my new optus cable service on 3rd of Apr.


I paid my bills through direct debit and I got charged for $100 for every month but the offer from optus was $90 for per month since I am downgrading from NBN with fetch to Cable with fetch service. 


Until toady I belived that I only had one account number with Optus and I thought I was up to date with paying my bill.

however I received an overdue notice through post(I disabled paper bill) and I found something was wrong) So I compared my old bill and the overdue notice and then I discovered that I had two seperate account number with optus whcih result me not able to watch the optus sports premium service from my phone. even Optus haven't found this issue until I mention it today.

every time I login with my email to optus it only showed me my previous account number.

oh the reason why I checked my post box so late was I normally receive all of my mails through PO Box or Email.

I have not asked optus to send me a paper bill so I cannot agree to pay paper bill fee and non direct debit fee.


I spent more than 2 hours this morning calling optus and finding out how to solve this and every single staff member puts me on hold and ended up transferring me to nowhere (no one answers the phone even after 20minutes they transferring me to 'someone' who can assist me better) 


If anyone had similar situation like me before or if optus read this post please contact me asap. 



Re: Relocating from NBN to Optus cable does not mean opening up another account with optus




Does sound a bit of a shamozzle but I suspect you need to simplify the requests down as a lot of what your asking for isn't doable (or owed). The main thing to realise is that Optus have no obligation to transfer your plan to the new property. Technically you are required to pay out the contract as it was your decision to move. In practice though Optus do try move your plan as possible (and if not then they generally let you leave without penalty).


Optus has also been migrating all customers to new account numbers so its likely that has just happened as a part of that totally seperate process.Your new account number should remain as is from now on.


You should not normally be put on a renewed contract when moving though. The usual process is to just set the months on your new plan to the same as where you left off at the old home. The $99 start fee doesn't seem unreasonable to me as you're asking Optus to set you up again in a totally new premise. That said it is againa bit unusual for moving homes and will probably be waived on request.


On the $100 / $90 discrepancy note that you are still liable for your old plan contact value so its possible that is why you are still being charged $100 even though you are on a cheaper setup now. Again though it is a bit unusual and it seems more likely the bonus $10 just hasn't been applied yet which is common in the early months of a new contract.


The direct debit / paper fee will usually be refunded on request if its an error or paperwork snafu. 


So I would perhaps break down the issues and get them corrected one at a time:


1) Get a direct debit confirmed on your new account / plan

2) Get paper bills turned off on the new account

3) Request a credit for the $2.50 or so


4) Get the current contract reverted to the correct number of outstanding months

5) Request the $99 be recredited as its a house move (may not be given)

6) Confirm the $90 monthly fee is the correct bill amount and ask for the $10 recredited 


It might take a bit but I suggest just telling the service person you have a number of issues and only drip feed them in one at a time as they are each resolved in turn. It sounds like they've taken on the whole mess and just given up as too hard.


 Apparently Optus Facebook is now the best go to portal or try live chat again here.


Good Luck


Peter Gillespie

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