Relocating a telephone and broadband connection


After relocating and booking in to re-connect our broadband/telephone, the service tech came out and said that there was a problem due to the power lines being in contact with the Optus line.

He said that he would need to contact the electricity company for them to come out and fix this issue before he could do the installation.  It's been 1.5 weeks now, and we have not had any contact about progress.  We have spent hours on our mobile phone (mainly on hold) trying to find out the status.  After all of this, we still do not have a landline connected to the house (and no internet/broadband), nor do we have any timeframe as to when this will get sorted for us.

If Optus cannot restore this, can you just cancel our contract (without any penalty to us) - and we will go and deal with a company that hopefully offers some better customer service!

Re: Relocating a telephone and broadband connection


Hi @robyue, I'm so sorry to hear about this experience. Smiley Sad If this issue still hasn't been resolved, can you please send me a PM with your full name, DOB and order number so that we can take a look into it for you?

Re: Relocating a telephone and broadband connection


@Hannah-L - thanks very much for your reply.  I've just sent you a DM, so hopefully you might be able to assist us.


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