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New Contributor LJP123
New Contributor

Recurring Cable broadband box fault

Hi yescrowd,


seeking your our advice regarding a recurring issue with the box for the multiple lines connected to the node outside of my street. There is a recurring issue where this box becomes damaged after levels of heavy rain followed by days of sunshine. I have spoken with technicians in the past and they have mentioned this is a recurring issue with this technology.


in the past I have checked the status of the network in my area and then logged a report with the technical support team and they have investigated and found multiple residents along this node have an outage, this then gets escalated and they get the area tech to investigate the box. However, as of today this is no longer the case. I have spoken to the technical support team and they can’t seem to comprehend that this is not an issue with my individual line/modem. Their solution is to send out a tech to my residence to ultimately end up informing the area tech that it is in fact the box for the node that is the issue. 


As you can imagine this has been very frustrating as 3 of my other neighbours and myself have not had access to the internet for the last two days. The earliest a tech can come is tomorrow and that is simply to then report the fault with the box (not a fault with my individual line)


I have a few questions, why would the Optus website state that there is an outage in my suburb that is under investigation, yet the technical team say that this isn’t affecting my neighbours and my own residence (when it very clearly is). 

Secondly, is there any way I can avoid this whole debacle in future and get the technical team to understand this is not a fault with my individual line, however the box responsible for the entire node of connections? 


The support team team stated that an outage of multiple residences isn’t enough to warrant an investigation of the box, yet this was protocol in the past so I don’t understand what has changed?


any advice would be great. Thank you.

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Moderator Shauna

Re: Recurring Cable broadband box fault

Hi @LJP123 - thanks for taking the time to write this up. Apologies for our delayed response. How did the visit with the tech go today? Have you been provided with any fault reference numbers we could look into? 

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