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To be honest the nbn is a joke atm, i have constantly been told it will be about a month away for 1 and a half years. Constantly being told it's been delayed for a month, and here is the best kicker.  Optus refuses to do any work to their network in my town because the nbn will be here "soon".


Re: Recent Slow Internet Speeds

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Your silence is deafening, Optus. (Not that I expect anything to actually happen)


Should be fun 'trying' to watch the early Saturday night EPL games (and midnight ones even) through our Fetch box. Gonna struggle watching it in HD. And I definitely won't be able to record those specific games as I always get the 'recording interrupted' message with Fetch channels during peak times. 


edit: I'm going to be seeing plenty of this msg, taken a few mins ago with no other devices using the internet. Click ok and it appears again a few mins later.







Re: Recent Slow Internet Speeds


Hey @six8six


More than happy to have a look into your connection and the troubles you've been having with your Yes TV by Fetch if you're able to PM me your full name, DOB and Optus account number or Internet username.

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Re: Recent Slow Internet Speeds

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I have no issues with the Fetch TV box, it's working fine.


Please see my detailed post earlier (page 23).  It's all to do with the poor service Optus provides in the area. 

Re: Recent Slow Internet Speeds


I am also plagued with slow internet and dropouts -  NBN FTTN, Bundaberg. My service started at 21Mbps for a couple of months & has dropped down to 6.7 Mbps. paying for up to 25. The 2 reponses from Optus are "line congestion" & "It's NBN's fault as they have limited the line speed to 10 Mbps" NBN technician that visited my house said no, it is Optus limiting the line speed as they  want to pay NBN as little as they can. Called back Optus who said no it is NBN that has limited the line. What is the truth?


Re: Recent Slow Internet Speeds


Hey @Phil10, can you please send me a PM with your full name, DOB and account number so we can check and see what's happening with your connection?

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