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To the moderators, I understand you are only doing your jobs, but frankly, the messages you're relaying are next to useless.


Really there is no need to check if people have cases open, or to check if there is congestion on a line. It's really not hard, even for a non tech person, to realise when their internet is slow. And saying upgrades are due etc etc, is simply false. It doesn't seem like much is changing for many people.


I've said it a few times in this thread already, but for a couple years now our internet has gradually gotten worse. The last 12 months or so have been considerably worse. We live in a rapidly growing suburb, though it's not like it just happened overnight. It's been growing for years. For such a large company like Optus, for this to go unchanged/unnoticed for so many years is appalling.


Construction for NBN (albeit FTTN) in my area is starting in Feb 2016. I can guarantee Optus would not have fixed the current exchange issues by then, or even after. As soon as NBN is available, it's bye bye Optus. I don't care if I won't experience anywhere near as bad a performance as I currently do, nor if Optus' plans are the best on offer. After this debacle, so long Optus.


I'm surprised someone hasn't started a class action or something similar against Optus (TIO must have received a huge number of complaints by now). For me this is almost as bad as Vodafones network a few years back. Having 1st gen ADSL speeds (for so long too) or less during peak is unacceptable, and it's clear so many other people with ADSL2+/cable connections are having similar problems. I understand ADSL2+ can suffer from slow downs when many people are on the network, but running at 2mbps or less at night is poor. Watching a youtube movie without constantly buffering? Not possible. Watching fetch tv and using internet on laptop? Almost not possible. Watching a 300kbps sports stream? Definitely not possible.


Optus need to be held accountable. I'm not sure what management is doing there but it's clear they aren't paying much attention to fixed broadband.

Re: Recent Slow Internet Speeds


I have actually talked to TIO staff and many managers. I had to wait over a month to have someone even look at my case, as the optus relations team member manager decided to be very lazy. Instead of sending out an Optus tech he was putting in a request to sent out an Optus tech, and then canceling it to make the TIO happpy. Optus is all about making money and creating a network that seems to actually function. The problem is they are failing at the working network part. My Tio case has been open for around 3 months now. The reason being? They constantly lie. In talking with the manager of the optus's customer relations center, I was told that since I have been paying for unlimited and never broken 500G. That I was going to be put on a 500G plan for $80 a month. I then got 2 emails conferming what action optus was taking. I noticed something odd on the email, when it was talking the plan I was being put on, it only mentioned it as an $80 a month plan. There was nothing referencing the size of the plan.  I wrote this off as optus being lazy.  After a week true and behold I checked my plan. 200G a month plan on $80 a month. Ringing up the Optus relations manager, I get told he never said 500G. When I told him to go and check the recordings of our conversations I was told that, No he wouldnt do that cause he knows he is right. He said I would never break 200G so that plan was good enough for me. After telling he I would he again told be I wouldnt cause, he was once again right. I told him if I do go over. Nothing would happen, that my internet would not slow down, and that I would get charged nothing. He agreeded to those conditions. True and BEHOLD again, I went over 200G and my internet got slowed down.  Basicly Optus Staff cannot be trusted under almost any circumstances. The only people that have actually never lied to me have been the TIO.


It wouldnt surprsied me if Optus staff qualifications are to be fired from 20 jobs for being distrustful.

Re: Recent Slow Internet Speeds


Unfortunately the TIO is a toothless tiger, but definitely register a complaint with them, it becomes part of the overall evidence against optus (TIO Date is released regularly to the Media)

the most they can do is tell Optus to release you from your contract without prejudice (and/or further charges)


if you want action against Optus you have to go to the ACCC

Be sure to point out the fact that Optus are still advertising "Reliable and High speed Broadband Internet service" despite the fact they Knowingly cannot deliver it.

This puts their actions into a region legally defines as Fraudulent and the ACCC is collecting information and complaints.

when they have enough complaints they can act


Also post about it, Blog about it on Facebook, twittter, or whatever your favourite social media is.

That will spread the conversation into the real workld instead of keeping it hidden here in their private forums, and maybe a few more people who are currently just putting up with poor service and believing the BS that it will be fixed "soon" will join the conversation


I have put this advice up on these forums before, however, it has been removed

Re: Recent Slow Internet Speeds


As expected, nothing has changed at all in this field. I left months ago, after being released after involving the TIO. However, Optus are still chasing me for outstanding money they think I owe them. Iring, pay something, get told my account is now clear, then I get a letter from a debt collection agency threatening to register my credit default unless I pay MORE money, a new amount they seem to have created but not previously mentioned.

The irony of it all is that they never provided me with what I paid for in the first place, yet feel they should hound me for money even though the TIO instructed them to waive those fees. Their system is totally incompetent.


There will NOT be any improvements to the congestion, yet clearly that lie is still being used. Yet they still advertise their 'wonderful world of data' and all the movies you can see, and shows you can view. All impossible to do when you want, because others are doing the same. Forget Foxtel Play, Fetch, any streaming service - all a waste of time and money. An episode of Game of Thrones took us over an hour and a half to watch, due to buffering.


Once again, they'll probably jump on me for being negative on this thread, when I've already left the service. But perhaps if they would get off my back about money they think I owe them, I'll stop repeating the warnings. I returned everything to you, lost money on Foxtel Play, so you actually owe me for losses.

Re: Recent Slow Internet Speeds

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Hi Targo, only our Social Media team have access to PMs sent through here but it's totally reasonable that you'd be concerned about the security of your personal info online. If you'd prefer, we also have a secure online form where your details can be submitted as well. If you send through this form, we'll be in contact as quickly as possible to give you a hand.

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Re: Recent Slow Internet Speeds


Really sorry that you've been having such difficulty resolving this, nish1585. If you'd like to send your info through to us here we'll give you a ring to help find a solution. 

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Re: Recent Slow Internet Speeds


It has been going on for months now and it would be a waste of time and effort for both us the consumers and Optus the provider if we keep complaining and Optus sending techs out to "investigate" the issue.


I wonder if anyone of us can raise it with a law firm and look at class action to take Optus to court and demand compensation.


I live in St Albans 3021. My speed at 7am is around 98% of the promised speed and at 2% at 7pm and this has been going on at least from May 2015. Nghi the moderator told me that there would not be any planned upgrades in my area this year. Around 6 weeks ago I asked for a 20% off my bills for the rest of my contract or a free-to-leave assurance. Optus offered me 

20% off my bills for two months.

I really want to join a class action now instead of fighting them as individuals.

Re: Recent Slow Internet Speeds


So, here we are nearly a year later... and my Optus service has been getting progressively slower and slower. To the point of it being utterly unusable most nights.


Last night I was getting around 200kb/sec down and 300 up... slower than dialup.


How Optus expect to just use and abuse customers like this, is just beyond me. My phones and plan etc are all up for renewal soon, and can see Ill be going elsewhere, and recommending to everyone I know to do the same.


Poor service Optus, and from someone who's been loyal for some years now.

Re: Recent Slow Internet Speeds


I have been with optus for my internet for about 3 months.


I was with a previous service provider for 12 years and changed because of the unlimited download offer by Optus.


In 12 years with the previous provider I phoned them maybe twice for line drop outs but never for speed issues.


According to optus I should be receiving speeds of around 3Mbps based on my location from the exchange.


I have in this short time phoned Optus about 10 times because of extremely low speeds.


Today I did a speed test and achieved 0.05 to 0.17 Mbps.


In todays worlds this is like living without oxygen. It is unacceptable.


If Optus do not sort this out I will be forced to cut my contract short and move back to my old service provider.


I have two mobile phones with optus and the service is brilliant with very fast 4G speeds.


What a pitty about my home speed and the inability of Optus to improve in this regard.


Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.


Re: Recent Slow Internet Speeds


Name your previous provider?

Those of us who suffer from this on-going problem with Optus would be interested!


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