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I have been with Optus for more than 10 years and I had direct debit setup so all payments were made automatically. Last year I upgraded the internet plan but I was not informed by anyone that all my billing setup have been cleared. So all the new bills were sent to a wrong PO box address while I assumed that I was still paying by direct debit like what I did in the past ten years. I only found out this problem when my internet got disconnected. At first I thought it was some internet issues that sometimes happen with Optus so I waited for a day before I call them and was told that my account is already closed.


I know it’s my fault not to check my bank payments so I am willing to pay for the outstanding amount plus interest penalty. But the thing is that after hours of waiting on the line I was told that I have to open a new account now and it takes at least 48 WORKING hours to restart my service.


I explained that I really need the service straight away but got pushed around between different departments and long waiting hours until their office is closed.


I guess when I call them again tomorrow morning there will be more waiting and  frustration. Is there any other number I can call? Can you help Optus?





Re: Reactivate a closed account




It really depends on the technology type. If we've advised of a time-frame of 2 working days then it sounds like we're dealing with an NBN or Optus Cable broadband service.


We'd asked you to open a brand-new account instead of reinstating the ceased account?


You're welcome to send us a private message with your account details. I need your full name, DOB and account number.


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