Questions about Modem Router and Internet Access password


I'm thinking of purchasing a third party modem router to replace the Sagemcom F@ast 3864V2 because of the latter barely being worth the scrap that holds it togethor. 

I was wondering if the Netgear AC1600 D6400 Modem Router would be compatible with OPTUS' ADSL2+ connection.

Also, I have forgotten the Intenet Access password for my ADSL2+ service/PPPoE and am trying to find a way to recover it. I attempted to follow this guide on how to retrieve this information.

However this guide despite highlighting that it can be used if your password has been forgotten ( Screenshot) only provides information on how to change your password, IF IT IS ALREADY KNOWN and provides no option to reset the current password. While the article does accurately tell you how to change your apssword, it completely fails to tell you what to do if you have forgotten your password.

How can I retrieve my Internet Access Password?

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