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Hi all!

I’ve recently discussed with Optus to cancel my internet plan as congestion in my area is ridiculous and the speeds I was receiving was not as promised. 


After speaking to a live chat representative I was told the next billing period the plan would be cancelled. Turns out this man didn’t put forward the cancellation so I called again 1pm today 24th April.


The person who understood my issue immediately put a ‘backtracked’ cancellation and halted my internet service immediately.


THE PROBLEM IS: he also misunderstood and cancelled my home phone too! ( yes it was a bundle). IVE HAD THIS NUMBER FOR 16+ YEARS! This will literally ruin any effort to contact me from family, work, friends and multiple services. I NEED this number.


I’ve talked to support on sales team a bunch of times and landline team, they all say they do not have the option to retrieve my phone number from the quarantine. I’ve called Telstra and TPG for advice and BOTH providers say Optus should be able to retrieve the number. SO WHY DO I KEEP GETTING TOLD NO OR REDIRECTED? I’m very upset because this number means a lot.


Can someone please help? Moderators or someone!!


Note: this individual has had the same problem and he seems to have it resolved.




Re: Quarantined phone number


Sorry to hear of the circumstances here @JacobE. Unfortunately it wouldn't be possible to cancel just the internet component of a bundle, you would need to recontract onto a landline only plan for the number to stay active.


Retrieving a landline number is a different process to a mobile number like the thread you have linked, but send me a private message with your number, full name and DOB. I'll send the details to a fixed line specialist and see what we can do here.

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