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New Contributor
New Contributor

Problem with activation

This is now the 8th day without a working telephone or internet.  We applied for an Optus home phone and internet bundle and the activation date was supposed to be 16th August. I asked to keep our phone number.


There is a dial tone and we can ring out on the phone, but no one can ring in.  Anyone who tries to ring gets the message the number is not connected.  We still do not have an internet connection.


I have rung the contact number several times and get varying excuses as to why we have not been connected, varying from problems with the lines to "your previous provider has accepted porting of the number but we don't have the paperwork as yet"


Each time I have been told to wait.


It is now getting to be very frustrating.


Can anyone tell me where to go from here please.  I really need to get the phone and internet connected.

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