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Price after end of contract & NBN



I have an ADSL contract ending this June, and I have a couple of questions.


(1) After the contract ends, will the price and conditions be the same? and could I quit whenever I want?  (the new price is higher than the current price I pay and I was wondering whether (and when) the current price will change). 

(2) I have a $20 discount based on my Optus sim card plan.  will the discount be applied as well if I use the Optus sim?

(3) Finally, I have been getting SMS messages and a mail in my mailbox that NBN has already arrived and my ADSL will be disconnected.  This isn't true since the area is "planned" to start the construction next year.  Is this a scam?


Thank you!

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Re: Price after end of contract & NBN

Hi Jaco,


I'd get in touch with Optus directly (livechat) to answer specific billing/plan queries as each setup is slightly different depending on what you're signed up with. However I'll answer your queries as best I can.


Could you tell me what street and postcode (not street number)  you are on and I can check the NBN side of things?


1) The contract doesn't 'end' you simply move to a month to month (M2M) version of it. So yes everything will stay the same, including the price. You are free to stay M2M, sign up to a new Optus contract deal or just tell Optus you're done and go with a new ISP.


2) For people on the Optus HFC cable network, Optus are shutting down their internet three months after the NBN arrives. For all other internet (including your ADSL) you will have at least 18 months after the NBN arrives before your internet is shut down and you have to move. (As side note Optus recently got fined several million for pressuring customers to switch early and suggesting they must sign new contracts with only Optus once the NBN arrives) 


3) FWIW I would definitely suggest keeping on month to month at this stage if you're happy with your plan. This gives you maximum flexability. When the NBN does arrive you will eventually need to sign a new contract with a new deal (maybe with Optus and maybe with another ISP, your choice). 


4) Can't say if the SMS and emails are scams (although they sound a bit like it) but the NBN Address check website will tell you when you are able to go NBN. You'll probably get a bunch of letter drops a bit earlier as other ISPs try snag your business.


5) Can't say if the $20 discount will remain but when you move to a NBN you will be on a new contract. Optus may or may not provide the discount and you can't insist on it. You can only agree to the new terms or leave.


6) The NBN should be a good chance to shake up your internet usage. You will finally have access to all ISPs and high speed bandwidth (before on Telstra and Optus Cable offered high speeds). Take the chance to look around, IMO a 50Mbps M2M NBN plan is pretty ideal for almost all homes. 




Peter Gillespie

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Occasional Contributor

Re: Price after end of contract & NBN

Thank you Peter!


I have talked with OPTUS and I am getting the M2M plan as you said and the $20 discount will remain.  However, the NBN situation wasn't true and I will need to wait another year or two for it! 🙂


Thank you again!

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