Previous Connection at the Premise

Hi All
 I ordered a broadband plan with you but my order is on hold as, apparently, there is another connection existing at the premise.
I am a new tenant and the connection, if existing, belongs to the previous tennant who can't be traced.
I wonder how can I get my broadband working if the previous tenant can't disconnect the other.
I tried to contact Customer Service but I was bounced around different departments without a clear answer.

Re: Previous Connection at the Premise

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Hey there Rutiliusrufus!


Sorry for the delay in responding, we've been flat out lately. Sounds like a bit of a frustrating situation :/ Have you been able to find out which provider the old tenant was with? If they were with us, we can look at disconnecting their service if you can supply us with proof of occupancy, for more info on what this means have a look here.


For services that are currently being supplied by another provider, you will have to send off your documentation to them & have them disconnect the service. Once this had been done, you'd then need to contact us & we'll be able to proceed with your order Smiley Happy


Let us know how you go with this.


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