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Prepaid mobile broadband supports pocket wifi router?


Hi there, my wife and I will be travelling to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane for vacation two weeks later for two weeks. I attempt to buy a data SIM of Prepaid Mobile Broadband from Optus to be used in my HUAWEI Mobile WiFi E5377. Please can you advise if the data SIM supports tethering with pocket wifi router? If so, I’d like to confirm if my device model WUAWEI E5377 is compatible or not? Thanks in advance for your input!


Re: Prepaid mobile broadband supports pocket wifi router?


I assume you're coming from another country, but that specific pocket router was sold by Optus here so it should be fine *if* it isn't locked to another network. If it is locked, you should try to arrange to have it unlocked before coming. But yes, a data sim is intended specifically to be used in a device like that.


As an aside, if you can't unlock yours you can always have a quick search to find deals on modems here - most come with 2 weeks or even a month of service bundled in to the price and if you're happy with 3G speeds you can frequently get a modem for well under $20 (eg a quick google found Officeworks have the Optus Huawei E5251 for $14.95 which includes 2Gb data for 14 days)



Re: Prepaid mobile broadband supports pocket wifi router?


Hi Ninkasi


Thank you very much for your prompt reply and it did answer my query but I’m sorry for late giving feedback to your reply. Yes, I come from Hong Kong. It’s great to know that the prepaid SIM supports pocket router and I will bring my unlocked version of HUAWEI Mobile WiFi E5377. In case there is an issue, I can use the SIM with my iPad with tethering, as a backup plan.



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