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Possible to SFTP Into Office That Uses Optus Mobile Broadband?



We are currently using a Huawei 4G WiFi Router (from Optus) on our small office LAN and would like to SFTP  into an office computer from home. However, there are a couple of technical issues to overcome with the IP address & modem.


I believe we are currently on a carrier grade NAT so that would need to be changed.


Also, it appears that port forwarding is disabled on the modem.


Can anyone answer the following questions please?


Firstly, is it possible to get a fixed IP address on an Optus mobile broadband plan and if so, how much extra would that cost?


Secondly, is it possible to enable port forwarding on the modem, perhaps by firmware upgrade or, would we need to purchase a new modem?


Thank you.







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Re: Possible to SFTP Into Office That Uses Optus Mobile Broadband?

So the only option is a static ip and that is only available on Business plans.

This does not include the Optus Wireless Broadband 200/500Gb plans - only the Mobile Broadband plans.


You would need to speak to an Optus Busienss Centre to have it activated, its around $5-10 a month.


In regards to port forwarding - their is only a single firmware from Optus -so you would most likely need a different device.