Positioning the conduit at the house


I am running the conduit myself for my cable installation as I want it underground, I have read the "UNDERGROUND DROP CABLE CONDUIT INSTALLATION AND SPECIFICATION GUIDELINES FOR SINGLE DWELLING RESIDENTIAL APPLICATIONS" and all is fairly clear. 

One thing I don't understand with regards to below.

"1.3.4 Positioning the Conduit at the House
The following rules apply to the position of the drop cable conduit at the house:
The conduit should be terminated in the vicinity of the electrical switchboard as shown
in diagram over page. If this is not possible, it should be terminated at a location that
is within 10m of the electrical switchboard."


Why? my ideal location is on the opposite side to the electrical switchboard.

Re: Positioning the conduit at the house


Hi @JB3114,


Are you planning for the NBN or Optus Cable? Are you looking at the Optus or NBN cabling requirements?


Note that the NBN will not use the Optus cable and will run another cable. (Assuming your NBN is going to be supplied via cable - have you confirmed this?)


Also note that any conduit you lay is very optional for the contractor to use. They may be happy to run it through or they may insist its done aerial or with their own conduit etc.


On your query, it seems a reasonable question, the answer though is that's the way it has to be. Reasons I can think of are its meant to cover a lot of scenarios so proximity to power might be important in some (now or future) installations (i.e. they don't want to have to run power cables more than 10m).


But also with cable installs there are generally two connections (esp. with the NBN). They will run a cable from the street to the side of your house and terminate there in a box. Note this can happen any time and you won't get specific notification of them coming to install the cable.


The second process is hooking your modem to that box. This is where a preconduit might be usefull to easily run the cable across to the other side of the house. 


Note that Optus Cable will combine both these processes into a single visit and you can be more involved.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Positioning the conduit at the house


thanks Peter, our area is not even a blip on the NBN radar so we are going with Optus cable. 

I am reading the specs as below.. HFC is the cable network not  NBN, unless Im missing something. 

My run is longer than usual and many trees in the way, the tech had been out previously that;s when we decided to 

go underground, they are happy to install I just need to run the appropriate conduit. 

This document details the specifications for the installation of underground conduit for providing Optus HFC network services.


It's much easier to run power under the house to the cable locationif required than run conduit to where the power is. It's not a typical suburban block.. 


Re: Positioning the conduit at the house


You should have a install period and tech type designated by now. What does the NBN Address check tell you?


I understand completely though that the many months between now and then its good to get cable hooked up. 


Just making sure you realise that the Optus cable will be dismantelled when the NBN comes through and NBNCo will run another line to your home (hopefully using the same conduit - so leave in a draw string). Might be a nice scenario as you can leave your optus line in place while the NBN is getting setup and then only turn off your Optus Cable once you are sure the NBN is fully working at your home.


Note you may not get NBN Cable. Possible FTTC or (fingers crossed no) FTTN both of which won't run any HFC cable to the house.


FWIW My read of the conduit specs suggested they like going up along the fence line if possible.


On your issue though, while it might be much more sensible to run electricity to the cable rather than the other way around, common sense is not really how these specifications work. The rules say winthin 10m then within 10m they are often done. I can't give a definite answer nor anyone I suspect other than the guy that rocks up to install the cable on the day. I think you'll probably have no issues with saying there's the conduit and here's the exit point but it is possible that he will not accept that. 


Personally I'd lay it where you want, but that's just me. As noted make sure you have a draw string for the NBN cable if / when if it is needed.


Peter Gillespie


Re: Positioning the conduit at the house


mystery solved and the answer is also locical which does not laways happen. 

The techincial needs to install a modem/router, the cable from the street plugs into it and 

they require electricity. So in fact the cable can come into the house at any point as long as there is a

GPO nearby to plug into. 

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