Porting old phone number to optus service


Hi All,

Hope you can help me with this, I have moved my ADSL service from other provider to Optus, I wanted to keep my old number, the sales guy from optus promised me it will be OK once you have your internet fixed at your home after request for porting your phone number.

now more then 2 weeks I have been calling or chating online everyday, they keep making an excuse so far no luck.

Had to spend half day trying to talk to someone over the phone and they keep passing the call from one to another other operators no one knows what they are doing.

This has been really frustrating.

So any help re. this will be much apriciated.




Re: Porting old phone number to optus service


@Iman, thanks for reaching out Smiley Happy


Had we confirmed that the landline number was indeed serviceable?


It's odd that we wouldn't simply place a port-in request at point of sale.


Have you been in contact with the old provider? You haven't asked that they disconnect service?


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