Poor relocation service


I requested for relocation on 25/1, but still cannot receive a SMS confirmation for installation date by now.  The staff said should receive in 2-3 business day.  Why take such a long time for a date?  Every time live chat, the staff keep saying give them another 24-48 hours.  They just do nothing to help.

Re: Poor relocation service


Hey @Skong, just so I understand - the relocation was meant to have taken place on the 25/1 or you'd submitted the request to relocate your service on this date?


How'd you go about submitting the request? Had you spoke with an agent over chat or the phone, or submitted it online via our relocation form?




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Re: Poor relocation service


I submitted request on 25/1 via live chat and got the relocation ID, but no installation date confirmation until now.  What takes so long for confirming a date?

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