Poor internet speeds

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We have been very loyal members of Optus since 1997, having mobile, land line and internet access through Optus since then.


We are not on the NBN yet although on 17/05/18 we were sent a letter by the NBN that "our construction partner intends to install NBN supplied equipment at the property between 5/06/18 and 24/10/18." That hasn't happened, obviously! It is now planned to be available from 04-06/2019! One year later,


We are having real internet issues with Optus. The issues are as follows:

  1. We are using Optus cable and have Fetch.
  2. The issues started on our return home on 16 Sep, but because I thought the issue would resolve, I did not call for at least a week..
  3. The issues are very poor quality internet access, with Fetch freezing, slow access to websites which is especially bad using Dropbox.
  4. Sometimes the internet stops totally.
  5. There can only be one computer accessing the internet, otherwise it just stops. 

Calls were made to Optus 133 937 on 1/10, 3/10, 20/11, 24/11 (3 calls) and 25/11. There were obviously far more calls using our land line. The more frustrated I become, the more frequent our calls.


What has Optus done to date:

  1. Optus tested the line and I was advised that there was a fault on it.
  2. Optus suggested that my wifi was old and they decided I should have a new Wifi/Router and move the insertion point, wifi and router  to the room where I was using my computer (and other computers) and the Fetch box. (Note: that made sense but the wifi worked well before I went away.) This was installed between 11-13/10/18.
  3. Another technician was sent on 13/10/18 to check all was ok, and the fault. The fault still existed, and he suggested that I should buy a new Wifi/Router even though Optus had already installed the new Wifi/Router. Why should I but a new one!
  4. I have used speed test to check the system but they readings have been inconsistent, sometimes high then low with upload readings less that 1Mbps.  
  5. Optus took the fault message off the support telecom line.
  6. I have made numerous calls to Optus trying to get the issues fixed. Optus has changed the router configuration and that has worked, but then the internet slows up/stops again.
  7. Fetch has been failing and the screen blacks out channels >100, especially at night. The Fetch set top box has been showing left light blue and right side red when turned off: no its is not recording!
  8. Access to my web files stops so I have to save them on my laptop.
  9. It has been escalated by one of Optus’s escalation managers. The fault has returned to the support telecom line with no date for resolution.
  10. Two weeks ago, I requested that Optus send me all the details on the Optus customer management database since 16/09/18 by email because I want to take my issue to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman. I have repeated my requests many times! Nothing has happened, and Optus operatives are patently refusing to send this information to me, or ignoring my requests. I understand why: because it’s a financial issue for them, but it’s not acceptable to us!


Just as an aside, while I was in Singapore I had speeds of 159Mbps download and 226Mbps upload. That shows what a joke the Australian NBN is: still third country rubbish.


I am so totally frustrated. Each call takes 1 hour of my valuable time for no gain. The only thing that I have gained is a credit of 2 months to my account plus an extra 10Gb to my mobile for tethering. I don’t really want that; I want a wifi internet system that works.


Optus, after our being your customer for so long, one would think that would account for something. But it obviously doesn’t! If we leave Optus, then the broadband/Fetch will go to another provider, as will the mobile phones. On my reading, Optus cannot afford to lose custom; but they don’t care, even though they say they do!


Re: Poor internet speeds


Hey @PhilS - apologies for our delayed reply.

Appreciate you taking the time to write this up.


Can you please send me a private message confirming your account number, full name and DOB so we can take a look?

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Re: Poor internet speeds


I am so totally fed up with this. I'm currently overseas!


Shauna has not replied after I sent her my details!


Someone from Optus tried to call me today and then I received a message: Optus Msg: We tried calling Re: 20000352. If the issue continues, reply 'FAULT' within 7 days and we will call you back or head to I will repy FAULT.


This has been ongoing since 16Sep18. I refuse to pay anything until I return. This is not appreciated at all. Total crap. Not my fault this issue recurs.

Re: Poor internet speeds


Two options present themsekves...


Firstly, make an approach to the telecoms industry ombudsman.  That is what he/she is there fir  but in fairness tell Optus tgats what you plan to do if not resolved within (say) 7 days.


Regarding the modem:  like your, we have been optus customers for years  and we were provuded a new modem at time of signup.  One would think that if new customers can get a modem as part of a  new period contract then continuing customers should be offered a new ( and up to date ) modem if they re-sign fir a further equivalent term.  The other ootion is to move to another privider who will give you a new modem but then that is counterpriductive for you and optus.  Come on Optus.  Reward loyal customers the same as you do new ones.

Re: Poor internet speeds


My internet is at turtle speed rolls then goes to sleep. so just to excess emails would take ages. Just sit and wait.

Re: Poor internet speeds


To be fair,  give optus a call.  But first  try turning you modem off at power for 20 seconds.  I had problems and rang optus and they configured the exchange to give me a better speed on ADSL.    USE   FAST.COM to test your speed just before you ring.


Before you ring,  unplug absolutely everything else from phone outlets as Optus wil, probably ask you to do that anyway


Good luck.

Re: Poor internet speeds


Dear Optus customers and technical customer service


Glyndian etc, thank you for your comments. Please note that I have always spoken to Optus TechOs and advised them that I will advise the TIO. The next move will be to give them 7 days. I am now using my mobile tethering to access the internet. But we have no Fetch. This has become quite a ridiculous situation.


The saga is still continuing! Now we have no internet access at all. The issue that I have has affected many people in my area. There has been a fault message on 133937 for months (since 15 Oct) although it has been removed and then reinstated. An interesting point is, when we returned, the internet was working - and it was exceptionally fast. Three days later, we lost our landline and our internet totally. One day later the landline was back again but still no internet. Optus has offered me a "prepaid" G4 dongle for the time being, at no cost to me and given us an increase in our mobile broadband which I've accepted but it doesn't really help with Fetch. It's just like the light in the globe burning brtightly before it dies.


Even when I was away, I contacted Optus Chat many times and at times never got the transcript and had to fight for that. I made sure that I copied later chats for my transcript. It just takes so much time and really think I'm rowing against the tide.


When I spoke to the Senior Case Manager, I was advised that there was "a major technical hardware issue at the exchange and they had to get new hardware and the engineers in." It sounds to me like a long job and doubt whne it will be resolved. Next time that I speak to him, I will advise him that I've had enough and will give him 7 days before I contact the TIO and start looking at a finding new provider for both mobile and home. I have received credits for four months but it is sooo frustrating!! 


I'm supposed to get the NBN by the end of April 2019 (previously Jul 19 then Dec 19. Perhaps nothing will happen until we get the NBN.




Re: Poor internet speeds


I am also a long long long term Optus customer in fact Optus has been my only telcon and I too am having so many issues with access the internet. Sometimes I barely get 1 mbps, most times I'm lucky if I get 7 mbps and I get constant drop outs. It started getting really bad around 2 months ago and I have chatted to the Optus techos on line and they have noted that I am getting very poor access. I have also been visited by one of their techos who agreed that I am getting very poor access. The techo left and stated that Optus would be doing something at their end. Optus have informed me that I will be getting a new modem. That was a week or so ago. I am still stuck with low download speeds and constant drop outs.


I am a very good customer as I pay the bills always ahead of time. The house is wired for NBN and I await notifcation that I can hook up and operate through the NBN. I will decide then which NBN provider horse I will ride.

Re: Poor internet speeds


My suggestion is that you take all the steps that I have taken. Talk to them, chat with them, them being the techs, push it up to higher management, work out when the slow speed started, give 7 days or you'll go to the TIO, and if nothing happens, do just that. You may be able to get credits from them. Be like the squeeky door that catches the oil. 


Then fight for an NBN plan that's advantageous to you.


Yes, I'm still with Optus as we move to the NBN. They are now showing true service to a customer of > 20 years. I am now a satisfied customer!

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